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Obituary for Frank Stanley Hunt

Frank Hunt was native to Los Angeles and this is where he made a home for himself and his family for 92 years.

Frank was a devoted husband and family man. He met Marilyn Lysinger in 1947. Following a three month long courtship together, they eloped in early 1948. They shared a special marriage for each of those 45 years that life allowed them to be together until Marilyn’s passing in 1993. Together they raised seven children, six sons and one lucky daughter.

Frank was engaged in his role as a father. For 54 years, his house was a gathering place on holidays and ordinary weekends. Family, friends and neighbors enjoyed countless barbeques, pool parties and celebrations at the welcoming home he created, much of it by his own labor.

Frank was an involved father and this spilled over to the neighborhood kids as well. He scraped up enough money to buy motorcycles and mini-motorcycles for his kids. He would give his time on the weekend to loading the bikes into a trailer, packing up the kids and lunches in the station wagon headed for hours of trail riding and family fun.

Later when the family nest was becoming emptier he purchased a ski boat for the purpose of bringing the whole family together. The outings on the lakes with his wife, adult children and their significant-others created fun filled weekends, great laughs, and long lasting memories.

Frank was a romancer and a dancer well into his 80s. He would always make time for romantic dinners and getaways with Marilyn and in the later years with Isabel. He loved every opportunity to dance the night away with both of these lovely ladies he cherished over his lifetime.

Playing golf was perhaps the one thing Frank did for himself. He was able to enjoy this pastime into his 90’s. He proudly chose never to ride in a golf cart and instead walked the golf course.

Frank worked for Litton Data Systems and Guidance Systems for 30 plus years before retiring in the spring of 1992. The retirement plans Frank and Marilyn made were interrupted by Marilyn’s cancer diagnosis later in 1992. They were to have only six more months together. Frank and Marilyn were inseparable partners from 1947 to 1993.

Frank was not cut out to be a lonely widower. Life-long mutual friends helped bring Isabel Service into Frank’s life. Isabel filled a gigantic void. Together, Frank and Isabel were given the opportunity to enjoy their golden years together and the happiness they both deserved. Isabel became an important member of the Frank’s family and Frank was very special to Isabel’s family during their time together. Frank and Isabel were devoted to each other for 26 years.

Frank was also a devoted parishioner of St. Bernardine of Siena Catholic Church. Even before they broke ground on its original construction, he painted the signs to explain to other parishioners where to enter and exit the parking lot. It is appropriate that Frank’s life will be celebrated at a memorial service at St. Bernardine’s Catholic Church.

At the time of his passing, Frank was survived by: Isabel, his (6) surviving adult children, (8) grandchildren, and the (6) great-grandchildren and other extended family for whom he was a father figure. He leaves behind countless friends and others he had the opportunity to meet over his lifetime.

Patriarch seems too stuffy a word to describe Frank Hunt, who chose a modest life. But in its purest meaning, this patriarch, so central to his family and friends, will be greatly missed in the days ahead.