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Obituary for Marjorie Doris Selke

Requiem for Mother by Margie A. Selke, December 20, 2019

When in November
my mother passed
I will remember
how earth's last
breath spoke to me
with heavenly tears
guiding her to Thee
where absence of fears
and earthbound pain
will set her free
to forever remain
with love and harmony

The day my mother died
the heavens cried

My mother never forgot a birthday, anniversary or holiday by sending hand-picked, sometimes hand-colored, cards. She did this for the sheer joy of giving happiness to others. She was not a wealthy woman, but her giving nature extended to charities and organizations to help those in need. Her contributions ranged from the Wounded Warriors and Salvation Army to cancer research, children's hospitals and all the Calabasas High School Film Festival donations to people affected by disasters, war and health issues. My mother's generosity also included the animal kingdom from saving mountain lions to dolphins and whales. She even helped me adopt an orphaned baby silverback gorilla in Rawanda named Igihozo through the Dian Fossey Fund. Most of all, she loved her adopted cats, Janey and Madders and she would tell anyone that Janey was her best nurse and friend.

My mother's heart and home were always open to any friend or family member needing some solace or a roof over their head. She expected nothing in return, ever, for anything she gave. I loved her so much for the kind and thoughtful generosity of her soul. Everyone did.

We have lost a great humanitarian and I miss her every minute of every day.

Rest, Mommy, and let all you have given in this earthly realm envelope your beautiful spirit forever and ever.

Your loving daughter,