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Obituary for Valeriy V. Davydov

Valeriy Davydov will always be remembered as brilliant, loving, selfless and funny. His intelligence drove his passions in life including design and manufacture of complex circuits for aviation and military applications. He was an avid lower of cars and machines; frequently tinkering with and improving them. He always had a passion for details and all of his friends and relatives would look to him for inspiration on various projects, work-related design ideas and seemingly simple solutions for everyday problems.

Born in Belarus in the former USSR, Valeriy had an early passion for engineering and academic success. He was a brilliant student at the leading electromechanical engineering institute in Minsk, pausing his drive and education only to return home after his mother had passed in his early 20’s. He moved on to serve with the Soviet Air Force as a radio technician, handling maintenance, repair and engineering of communications networks servicing airbases for the then new MIG-29 and MIG-31 with their state of the art terrain-following RADAR systems.

Valeriy met his wife, Nelli at a dinner party and promptly fell in love. They were married just a few months later and after a year had their son: Yevgeniy. In 1994 the family chose to move to Los Angeles to follow their relatives (Nelli’s brother and his family) and uprooted their entire lives to travel to a warmer climate with hope for opportunity and new-found success. Early on Valeriy proved to be deeply motivated, though overqualified in jobs ranging from video store clerk to furniture mover. After a few months Valeriy re-started his education, taking courses in English on electronics and fluid dynamics, and eventually achieving an AA degree. He did all of this while working full-time and spared weekends for family time with his wife and son.

He enjoyed road trips, hikes, park visits and barbecues; a true outdoorsman. A surprisingly good chef, Valeriy also made a habit of transforming random pantry ingredients into delicious and flavorful meals, and tending to the grill at all barbecues with family and friends.
Even in his last few years Valeriy still showed drive and passion for his original hobbies and his family; telling humorous stories, tinkering with everything he could, designing, researching and always looking out for his family.

He leaves his wife of 30 years who cared and supported him in all of his endeavors and son aged 28 who grew to have many of the same passions for design, aesthetics and engineering and is now a practicing dentist.